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MindfulLifeExperience.com and all of its contents have moved to this website, MindfulLifeWellness.com. Mindful Life Experience is now the premium health coaching program offered by Tracie Neill, CHHC. If for some reason you weren’t directed to what you came here for, please try the search option. If you are still having trouble, contact Tracie for further assistance.

Tracie A. Neill, AADP CHHCLiving a mindful life is being consciously aware in each moment as you live purposefully rather than just allowing life to pass you by. Instead of rolling with the flow, you become the flow. It’s all about living in the moment rather than for the moment.

The Mindful Life Experience™ is a premium 6-month health coaching program. It’s your own personal transformational journey. Whether you want to shed some pounds, increase your self-awareness by becoming more mindful in the choices you make regarding your health, or want more out of life than you feel you are experiencing, Tracie will guide and support you in the transition toward living a more creative, purposeful, and healthy life.

As a certified holistic health coach, Tracie knows each Mindful Life Experience™ is as unique as the person. Using her health coach training, extensive education, knowledge of Morita therapy principles, and personal experiences, she will give you the tools & support you need in order to become proactive in and more mindful about your health and lifestyle.

Are you ready for your Mindful Life Experience™? Contact Tracie to schedule your complimentary Health Awareness Consultation today!